Wednesday, March 3, 2010






Well that sucked.
I'm going back to sleep now.


Capt. Sparrow said...

I refuse to watch the Bruins for the rest of the season. Its the same old crap every year. They dump Derek Morris and trade for the same exact player in Seidenberg! IT WAS A FRIGGN SALARY DUMP TO SAVE A MILLION DOLLARS! And here I am thinking this is the first shoe to drop in a deal for a scorer. Boy was I wrong. You know, this was a great opportunity for the Bruins to capitalize of the success of the US olympic team, and make this team relevant again in the eyes of Bostonians and they f'd it up again! Sorry I just had to vent!

Number31 said...

Trade deadline is overrated. I'm just glad the team is still together. Well, except for Dagger but he wasn't doing anything useful anyway. Trade a useless 6th rounder for a 2nd rounder who's still raw and capable to be shaped by Guy Boucher? Yes please!

Habsfan1993 said...

I'm not even so mad that the Habs didn't do anything. I don't expect them to go anywhere if they do make the playoffs, and they shouldn't risk losing anyone in case they do.

What bothers me is that NO ONE made it interesting. I always enjoy the show, seeing what happens throughout the league. This year? kerplunk.

Number31 said...

The Flames and their attempt to recreated the Leafs were a little entertaining, no?