Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So we go right back at it, eh? A moment of solidarity among this Habs fan and his Bruins friends, only to go back to the rivalry.

So be it.

Montreal will try to capitalize on Jaroslav Halak's momentum coming out of the Olympics by playing Carey Price tonight.


Maybe Jacques Martin is scared that Zdeno Chara learned all of Jaro's super-secret goalie moves while they were teammates and now has the inside scoop on how Jaro sometimes gives up rebounds. Smart thinking, Jacques.

Proof of the moral superiority of the Habs:

But seriously. The Bruins brought in Satan to replace Phil Kessel. And if Marc Savard had wheels he'd be a wagon.

Critical Stats:

Montreal Olympians:
Sergei Kostitsyn (Belarus)
Andrei Markov (Russia)
Jaroslav Halak (Slovakia)
Yannick Weber (Switzerland)

Boston Olympians:
David Krejci (Czech Repub.)
Miroslav Satan (Slovakia)
Zdeno Chara (Slovakia)
Marco Sturm (Germany)
Patrice Bergeron (Canada)
Tim Thomas (USA)

Overall medals:
Montreal: 0
Boston: 2

Olympians actually playing tonight:
Montreal: 2/4
Boston: 6 (maybe 5 depending on Thomas)/6

Monarchs of Hell:
Montreal: 0
Boston: 1

Overrated nut-punching children who drive you crazy by winning on the strengths of their teammates and taking all the goddamned credit:
Montreal: 0
Boston: 0

Likelihood Montreal will trade Halak to Washington for a second-round pick tomorrow: 50%.
Likelihood Boston will do anything really useful at the deadline: 0.000046%

Shit, the deadline is tomorrow?


Number31 said...

Jaro doesn't haven any momentum left after flying from Vancouver to Montreal to get some new clothes and then flying to Boston before they fly out to the West again. If he starts screaming "THERE'S SOMETHING ON THE WING!" while they're on the airplane, then I think he needs some rest...

Habsfan1993 said...

Haha, you're right. And a good job by Price.