Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fbbbbhhlyers get their own

On WWII submarines, American sailors had to be very careful how they used the toilet. The phrase "getting your own back" was used quite literally in cases where a sailor did not follow proper procedures in flushing.
I'm reminded of that because of last night's Flyers-Senators game. It's ironic that Daniel Carcillo weighed in on what some call questionable hits from the Sens. It's ironic because Carcillo, though he is the worst offender, represents a team full of dirty players. A few years ago, the Flyers decided to promote themselves as the second coming of the Broad Street Bullies of the 70's. The only resemblance, however, was in the box score with the number of penalties the Flyers were committing. They don't fight, they don't win, and they certainly don't intimidate like their predecessors. The Flyers brand is one of dirty hits and cowardice under the guise of "toughness."

The entire Flyers team got a taste of their own brand of dirty play last night.
Here's a quote: "Nobody should be hit in a vulnerable position along the boards." Was it Patrice Bergeron who said that? One of countless others who has been blindsided by a dirty hit from Hartnell, Laperriere, Richards, Pronger, or Carcillo? Nope. It was Flyers coach Peter Laviolette who uttered that last night. And it's true. Nobody should be hit in a vulnerable position along the boards. Now Peter, turn around, and take that message into your own locker room.

It's golden rule time. If the Flyers don't want to be the targets for questionable hits, they owe that same courtesy to their opponents. Frankly, Daniel Carcillo deserves to be hit more often like he was last night. Every time he grandstands after losing a fight, that's another hit he's owed. Every head shot the Flyers give, that's one owed them. It's good to see the players policing themselves like they did last night. I just hope to see more of it. Until the Flyers learn the difference between "tough" and "dirty," it's open season on them.

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