Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ho ho ho, Motherfuckers!

Ha. You thought I went away? Well, I was just kidding. I'm back, bitches. And I'm here to tell you, I'mma fuck up your trade deadline day real good. Other fans get to watch their teams make big splashes. It's like Christmas! Well, guess what? I'm on the phone with Washington right now, bee-ahhh. Four words: Halak. Second. Round. Pick. Oh dang, they're being tough on the negotiations. Well, I guess I could settle for a third-rounder. Would that make y'all happy? I bet it would. OK, for reals. You want me to make a deadline move? Well here it is, y'all. Say hi to my special guest, our newest d-man in the HIZZOUSE, my main man, the Breeze-Dog.

Yo yo yo. Hey bitches, it's me! My man Bob gave me a call, said he needed some backup for this shiznit. Looks like I'll be suiting up and bringing the NOISE! Hells yeah, we gonna party like it's 1996.

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