Monday, March 8, 2010

Habs-Ducks. About Last Night...

Bullet points!

  • Saku Koivu is not the former captain of the Montreal Canadiens. He is the CURRENT captain. Since no one has been named to replace him, and (maybe this ought to be a clue to Bob Gainey) since no one is honestly worthy of the title, it still falls to him.
  • Why in the name of all that holy and righteous, won't the Habs play decent hockey in front of Carey Price? Argue all you want about who is better right now, but the simple fact is the Habs play like garbage when Price is on the ice. Maybe he should have had that first goal. But then again, maybe Scott Gomez and Roman Hamrlik should have been playing hockey instead of ice dancing during the second goal. Or perhaps someone should tell Benoit Pouliot to actually cover the man in slot.
  • Jaro-on-Jaro hits are bad. Please to not do that.
  • Honestly, I was hoping Koivu would score.
  • Corey Perry is a fuck-knuckle. Markov and Plekanec show that success is the best revenge.
  • Hey, Anaheim: How's that Giguere trade working out for ya? Still think Hiller is better?
  • Oops. Went to bed with four minutes remaining. Woke up to quite a surprise this morning.
  • Hearing Markov say "There are no friends on the ice" was only slightly less chilling than hearing Dmitri Medvedev talk about how the disgraced Russian Olympic officials ought to "resign".
  • Wore my Koivu sweater last night. God, I miss him.

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Number31 said...

RANDY CARLYLE IS A JERK! :( No Koivu for the shootout? Really? I mean Teemu, OK...but that's the second time I've seen the Ducks go to a shootout and Teemu aimed for the roof (literally). Unless Koivu politely declined, then I take back the jerk stuff. Then again, he kind of looks like a jerk getting all huffy and grumpy behind his bench while Corey Perry punched Markov in the face. What's Russian for "go shove that gold medal up your ass, Doogie Howser"?