Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scores and Standings 4/27, "Ow, my head" Edition

Well um, so, that was interesting. I guess Chris Lee and Kevin Pollock (another ahem-questionable official) read the blog yesterday. Bruins get eight penalties while Montreal gets four. Can't say I've ever seen a game like that when either of those guys have been on the ice.

Condolences to Saddletramp, otherwise known as Hawks fan. They fought the good fight, and proved why it's so dang rare to see a team overcome a 3-0 deficit. Overtime! I hope you had your cardiologist on speed-dial.

Bad Guys win in Philly. Good for my team, bad for Rob Niedermayer, and bad for the game of hockey.

1. Hawks Fan: 58 (58+0)
Marleau (F-SJ)
St. Louis (F-TB)
Lucic (F-Bos) 0
Keith (D-Chi) 0
Rafalski (D-Det)
Miller (G-Buf) 0

2. Cousin Kovalev: 55 (45+10)
Briere (F-Phi) G,A,W=4
Kesler (F-Van) A,W=2
Hartnell (F-Phi) W=1
Ehrhoff (D-Van) W=1
Subban (D-Mon) A,W=2
Rinne (G-Nas)

3. Bride of Kovalev: 50 (50+0)
Ovechkin (F-Was)
Datsyuk (F-Det)
Pavelski (F-SJ)
Lidstrom (D-Det)
Visnovsky (D-Ana)
Thomas (G-Bos) 0

T4. Derek: 45 (44+1)
D. Sedin (F-Van) W=1
Franzen (F-Det)
Backstrom (F-Was)
Boyle (D-SJ)
Wideman (D-Was)
Howard (G-Det)

T4. P-Stone: 45 (43+2)
Perry (F-Ana)
Stamkos (F-TB)
Carter (F-Phi) W=1
Chara (D-Bos) 0
Kronwall (D-Det)
Luongo (G-Van) W=1

T4. Mother of Kovalev: 45 (39+6)
Giroux (F-Phi) 2A,W=3
Brian Boyle (F-NYR)
Laich (F-Was)
Seidenberg (D-Bos) G=2
Meszaros (D-Phi) W=1
Fleury (G-Pit)

7. Father of Kovalev: 39 (37+2)
H. Sedin (F-Van) W=1
Zetterberg (F-Det)
Thornton (F-SJ)
Letang (D-Pit)
Kaberle (D-Bos) 0
Bobrovsky (G-Phi) W=1

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