Monday, April 25, 2011

Scores and Standings 4/25, "Let's go to game seven" edition

Just like the Habs, the Canucks seem to have an aversion to winning. They once again fail to clinch the series, and now anything can happen in game 7. In another game 6, the Flyers come back to win in OT, and, news alert, they're just as dirty and cowardly as ever. And the NHL does not care.

Preds win. Told ya so. 

1. Hawks Fan: 55 (53+2)
Marleau (F-SJ)
St. Louis (F-TB)
Lucic (F-Bos)
Keith (D-Chi) W=1
Rafalski (D-Det)
Miller (G-Buf) A=1

2. Bride of Kovalev: 48 (47+1)
Ovechkin (F-Was)
Datsyuk (F-Det)
Pavelski (F-SJ)
Lidstrom (D-Det)
Visnovsky (D-Ana) A=1
Thomas (G-Bos)

3. Cousin Kovalev: 45 (34+11)
Briere (F-Phi) 2G,W=5
Kesler (F-Van) 0
Hartnell (F-Phi) G,A,W=4
Ehrhoff (D-Van) 0
Subban (D-Mon)
Rinne (G-Nas) A,W=2

4. Derek: 43 (41+2)
D. Sedin (F-Van) G=2
Franzen (F-Det)
Backstrom (F-Was)
Boyle (D-SJ)
Wideman (D-Was)
Howard (G-Det)

5. P-Stone: 42 (41+1)
Perry (F-Ana) 0
Stamkos (F-TB)
Carter (F-Phi) W=1
Chara (D-Bos)
Kronwall (D-Det)
Luongo (G-Van) 0

6. Mother of Kovalev: 39 (34+5)
Giroux (F-Phi) 2A,W=3
Brian Boyle (F-NYR)
Laich (F-Was)
Seidenberg (D-Bos)
Meszaros (D-Phi) A,W=2
Fleury (G-Pit)

7. Father of Kovalev: 33 (31+2)
H. Sedin (F-Van) A=1
Zetterberg (F-Det)
Thornton (F-SJ)
Letang (D-Pit)
Kaberle (D-Bos)
Bobrovsky (G-Phi) W=1

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