Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hate to say "I told ya so..."

So, here's my question:

Am I the only person who noticed that, even during the first period of Thursday's Bruins-Habs game, the Bruins were actually controlling the neutral zone?

When my dad taught me to play chess, he explained that the center four squares of the board are key to controlling the entire field. In hockey, center ice is the same. The team that controls the neutral zone can control the pace, and will more likely win than not. Sure, Montreal out-shot the Bruins in that first period, but they didn't capitalize as much as they could have. Throughout the game, Boston forced Montreal to dump-and-chase, ice the puck, or turn it over. Montreal got their chances, but the results speak for themselves.

As a total aside, many thanks to my friends and fellow horn-dogs over at Four Habs Fans for coming through for me.

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