Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The breakdown:

Here is what the draft results tell us:

Detroit: 7

Philadelphia: 6

Vancouver: 5
Boston: 5

Washington: 4
San Jose: 4

Anaheim: 2
Pittsburgh: 2
Tampa Bay: 2

Chicago: 1
Buffalo: 1
Montreal: 1
Nashville: 1
New York: 1

It seems our poolers have given a ringing endorsement for seeing the Red Wings beating the Flyers in the Stanley Cup Final. We seem to think the Canucks also have a decent shot at the Western Conference, and the Bruins could win the East.

People are hesitantly picking the Capitals and Sharks. Based on their past performances, the numbers are very telling. Is this the year the Sharks finally win it all? Have the Caps learned from last year's upset?

We're giving the Ducks, Lightning, and Penguins an outside chance of going far, and one has to wonder if their past reputation is what really recommends them.

And then there are the five dark horse picks: the Rangers, Blackhawks (the defending champs!), Sabres, Habs, and Preds. These could potentially be a huge picks, or just wasted roster spaces.

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