Friday, July 2, 2010

No Koivu for you!

Yesterday was looking like a good day. No big signings, but no bad ones either. I like getting Auld: he can back up Price, not get in the way, and may even get a win here and there. We kept Boyd, and got rid of Kostitsyn.

And then the news came that Saku Koivu had already signed on for two more years with the Ducks, while almost simultaneously, we found out Scott Gomez was pouring salt into the wound: He will wear #11 next season.

Let me make sure I am crystal clear on this:
The Habs traded for Scott Gomez, his 7.357 million dollar contract, and his complete postseason uselessness, casting aside Saku Koivu's 2.5 million dollar price tag, his leadership, and his production, for an equally productive player at three times the cost.

Let's talk stats:
Saku Koivu had 19 G, 33 A, and was a plus 14 last year with the Ducks; the previous year with the Habs he had 16 G, 34 A, and was a +4.

Scott Gomez had 12 G, 47 A, and was a +1 last year with Montreal.

So basically Scott Gomez has similar stats and less leadership, at three times the price compared to Saku Koivu. And he has the temerity to wear the number of the recently departed captain? (A captain, by the way, who has yet to be replaced.)

While the sting of Koivu's departure still resounds with the emptiness of the Captaincy, Scott Gomez has taken on his number. This brings into stark relief the fact that Gomez essentially replaced Koivu, and that it was a bad, bad move.

A lot has been made about Montreal just doesn't have a lot of money to throw around during free agency. Perhaps Montreal could do with that extra five million they're spending for NOTHING on Gomez.

Count me among the official detractors of Scott Gomez. Until he starts having 80-point seasons, he is a waste of money. For the time being, I will continue to say: To hell with Gomez, and the people who brought him to Montreal.

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