Monday, July 19, 2010

The Mario Tremblay Memorial Trophy

Awarded to the league's worst coach

And the nominees are:

John Stevens, Flyers
Fired at the beginning of the season, team went on to the Stanley Cup Finals. In all fairness, the Flyers had a 13-11-1 record this season when he was fired.

John Tortorella, Rangers
Completely unable to motivate his team to score, or for that matter, to win.

Ron Wilson, Maple Leafs
It's not that the Leafs sucked (they did), but the fact that everyone, Ron Wilson included, were very vocal in expressing just how great they thought this team was. Nobody outside of Toronto was surprised that the Leafs fell short of their own ridiculous expectations, but Ron Wilson gets the dummy prize for his team's own arrogance.

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Number31 said...

Ron Wilson banned this nomination.