Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Claude Lemieux Trophy

Awarded to the league's biggest pansy for acts of cowardice and gutlessness

And the nominees are:

Daniel Carcillo

Beating up on non-fighters, grandstanding after fights, running his mouth non-stop...all qualify him as one of the league's premiere bitches. Someone needs to step in and remind him and the rest of the Flyers organization that cheap and dirty is NOT the same thing as tough. And for God's sake, shave off that shit-stain on your upper lip, Dan.

You know it's bad when you make people cheer for Sean Avery:

Chris Pronger

Chris, you're a bitch. Has anyone ever seen someone this large act like such a small child? Chris Pronger is a classic example of someone who can dish it out but can't take it. Sure, he can play tough and mean, but when it comes to dealing with others giving him the same treatment, suddenly he looks more like Sidney Crosby than a 6'6" 220 lb defenseman.

Matt Cooke

The frontrunner for the Trophy. A cheap, dirty, and criminal act that has no place in hockey. Luckily for us, the story has another chapter:

Notice how Cooke declines to remove his visor. More evidence that he is a gutless turd.

HM: Arron Asham, Jeff Carter, Braydon Coburn, Riley Cote, Scott Hartnell, Ian Laperrierre, Mike Richards, Daniel Briere

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