Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Jerry Seinfeld Award

Awarded to the most obnoxious, asshole fans in the league

As a side note, Alexander Mogilny-I mean Ilya Kovalchuk- re-signed in New Jersey.
Now back to the awards.

And the nominees are:

Philadelphia Flyers fans

Montreal Gazette reporter Pat Hickey had his tires slashed while he was in Philadelphia covering the Flyers-Habs series. All because he had Quebec plates. Nice job, Philly fans. Way to bring honor and respect to your city. Of course, that shit-ass town did not have far to fall, as its residents have made a reputation for taking the frustration of living in their putrid, decaying cesspool out on anyone who has the misfortune of passing through. If anyone represents the average Philadelphian, it's Daniel Carcillo. Greasy, obnoxious, ill-mannered, ugly, and stupid, and convinced that these foul qualities make him "colorful."

Carolina Hurricanes fans

Hey Hurricanes fans...didn't your team recently win, ya know, the Stanley Cup, or something? 23rd in the league in average attendance, 23rd in overall total attendance. Hurricanes "fans" are a joke.
And enough...ENOUGH with the Rick Flair WHOO bullshit. Just..stop it. You suck at life.

Montreal Canadiens fans

Um, seriously?

HM: Leafs, Islanders, Devils

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