Sunday, November 22, 2009

Washington report

So, I was at Friday night's game in D.C. Here's my report.

Sat up in the nosebleeds, still a pretty good view, though most of the goals were scored at the opposite end of the ice from where we were sitting, though we did get a great view of Cammalleri's powerplay goal in the third.

I wore my KOIVU #11 jersey as an homage to our dearly departed captain. Bought a Capitals hat, and confused a lots of folks.
Bride of Kovalev wore my Moscow Dynamo Ovechkin jersey. P-Stone has called it "the best-looking jersey ever."

Despite my love for Ovy, I have to say I'm glad he didn't do any highlight-worthy stuff that night. Actually, in the three games I've seen him play, he did not factor into the scoring at all. Hmmm. I'm willing to entertain offers from other teams who want to keep him from scoring...

Actually, I was not expecting that outcome at all. It was one of the most exciting hockey games I've been to, but seriously, Habs, can you guys cut the heart-attack crap?

Caps fans were pretty friendly, but still, not nearly as knowledgable as the fans up north. Work on this, Caps fans.

Observation: The Caps have done a good job tapping into Ovechkin's marketability. That said, the Caps, even if they had the same record, would not be selling nearly as many tickets as they do without Ovechkin.

Habs did not play all that well Friday night, but they played well enough to win against a good team having an off night. The beginning of the second period was brutal. We got to see plenty of THAT, and it was not fun to watch. At all.

Fun game, lots of Habs fans there, as usual in any city. Saw a woman wearing a Nordiques jersey; told her that was a sweater I could definitely NOT get behind.
Habs players represented by fans: Cammalleri, Koivu, Kovalev!, Roy, Huet, Theodore, Price (LOTS of people wearing that one).

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