Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Carey Price: "WTF?"

This team is in trouble. Who knows whether it's bad luck, lazy play, or some other unseen factors, but the Habs simply aren't winning when Carey Price plays.
Last night, Price played marvelously, and it still wasn't enough to secure the win. Price allowed five goals, largely because his teammates played a brand of defensive hockey that is more often found in over-40 beer leagues than in the NHL. The last one was the killer. Paul Mara decided to leave Colby Armstrong all alone in the slot, opting to cover a man who was already covered. I'm sure the on-ice audio went something like this:

(Mara): "OK Colby, you stay here in the crease, but don't do anything until I get back."
(Armstrong): "OK, Paul, whatever you say."

Think Carey Price was frustrated last year? Now he's playing for a team that won't play for him.
What does this do to a young goalie? He probably thinks it's not fair...and he's right. It is not fair that he has had to shoulder the losses, while Jaroslav Halak gets the wins. Price deserved a win last night, and his team refused to get it for him. True, the Habs play sloppy defense in front of Halak too, but not like they did last night. Last night made us pine for the return of Patrice Brisebois.
Someone needs to find out just why the Habs are determined to wreck the confidence of their erstwhile franchise goaltender. 'Cause where the Habs and Carey Price are going ain't a pretty place.

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