Monday, November 9, 2009

KK/BB interviews Don Cherry!

We were blessed over the weekend to have Don Cherry graciously sit down to answer some questions. Here are some highlights

KK: Don, the other night you said that New Jersey's perfect record on the road is because of their team's lack of Europeans. What would you say is behind the Avalanche's nearly-perfect record at home?
DC: It's because they got a bunch of namby-pamby European floaters out there who always get the calls from the refs because the NHL is in the back pocket of the European government.

KK: Hmm. Speaking of Swedes, how about that Jonas Gustavsson?
DC: He's a beauty, ain't he? The kid is better than Patrick Roo-wah, or whatever his name is. His eyes remind me of Maurice Richard's, but he's better because he's not some fancy-skatin' Frenchman who won't go into the corners.

KK: Moving on to other great players. Darcy Tucker: Great hockey player or the greatest?
DC: Look, I'm not saying he's the greatest of all time. Bobby Orr is the greatest, and if I were a woman I woulda had his baby. But Tucker's definitely in the top five. And Tronna was stupid to let him go.

KK: So does that mean, since he plays for the Avalanche that he's a floater too?
DC: Now hold on, I said the Avs got a bunch of floaters, but not all of em are like that, ya know? Tucker does what he can, but jeez, he can't do it all himself, ya know?

KK: Tucker has 6 points so far this season, while Paul Stastny has 18, Wojtek Wolsi has 15, and Milan Hejduk has 14-
DC (interrupting) -Look it's not the kid's fault that the coaches won't give him any ice time. They play those Europeans more because they hate good old Canadian boys like Tucker! (Shouting) If he got the same playing time as them, he'd have 50 goals already!

KK: What would you say is the biggest problem facing the NHL these days?
DC: We gotta kick out the Europeans who get all the calls, while good Canadian boys get the shaft. Canadian boys always gotta play five times better, cause they got smaller contracts than these tippy-tappy Eurpoeans with all their fancy moves and what-not.

KK: So would you say the Montreal Canadiens made the right move by sending down Sergei Kostitsyn because of his behavior, while calling up Ryan White and Tom Pyatt?
DC: Montreal is just a buncha sissy Frenchmen and Europeans wearing visors.

KK: Actually Don, only two of Montreal's starting forwards are from outside North America, and only three defensemen. Meanwhile, their Czech goalie has a much better winning record than Canadian-born Carey Price
DC: See, That's what I mean. It's a conspiracy to make Price look bad, while letting Halak get the wins.

KK: Don, if you could be NHL Commissioner, what would be the first rule you would change?
DC: I'd only allow citizens of Canada to play in the NHL, except for Frenchmen from Quebec. They're not real Canadians.

KK: What about US citizens?
DC: They'd have to apply for a waiver and be able to sing the Canadian national anthem.

KK: Don, thanks so much for speaking with us.
DC: Thanks, and go Leafs!

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