Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fire Bob Gainey

#485 in a continuing series, we examine why Bob Gainey does not deserve to be the general manager of the Montreal Canadiens.

Writing this in the first intermission of the Predators game. Shots during the first period:
Predators: 25. Canadiens: 4
So this is what Bob Gainey has given Montreal: he let Francis Bouillon go so that he could help his team outshoot Montreal 25-4, and be up 1-0.

Nice Job, Bob.


Number31 said...

Don't fire Gainey. Why? 'Cause Serge Savard will come in and trade Price for some crap and the Roy Trade Fallout will return. Or he'll trade Markov on the grounds he's getting injured a lot and won't play for very long just like Chris Chelios. Or Pierre McGuire will be the GM and ruin our lives more so.

I'm eyeing Martin though. As in "what the hell are you doing in practice with these guys" kind of eyeing.

If Garth Snow still has his job, Gainey doesn't deserve to be fired.

Habsfan1993 said...

Your comment made me chuckle. OK, we'll agree to disagree on Gainey, but you're dead-on about Martin. I've watched, on several different occasions, as one defenseman will leave his man to over-play the puck-carrier.
This does not happen time and time again with NHL players unless they're being coached to do it. So, why is Jacques Martin coaching these guys to do things that would get a pee-wee coach lynched?

Point taken about the islanders, but really, they don't count as a real NHl team so the comparison is moot ;-)

Number31 said...

My brother was shocked how much money Brendan Witt makes. I say it's to cover his hair expenses.