Monday, August 1, 2011

So long, it's been good to know you

We say farewell to Alexei Kovalev, namesake of this website, and spitting image of yours-truly's cousin (and more than a passing resemblance to yours-truly himself).

I would like to offer Kovy a piece of advice: now that you're going back to Russia, stay there. Don't be like Peter Forsberg, Jaromir Jagr, or Alexei Yashin. Don't try to use the NHL as a bargaining chip for a bigger KHL contract, or waste your time on NHL comebacks that only serve as a sad counterpoint to how good you used to be. There are no regrets. You won the Stanley Cup as a rookie, and had some championship-caliber years with Pittsburgh and Montreal. Go to Russia, score some goals, and have fun. We'll remember you fondly. But, like a septuagenarian rock star, there comes a time when it gets a little sad seeing him try to be someone he used to be. Let's not go there, Kovy.

So, by way of saying farewell, here are some highlights.

a TSN highlight reel, with lots of Bruins on the wrong end of Kovy's shots:

Kovy teaches Darcy Tucker a lesson:

And the greatest comeback in Habs history, with a pair of goals by #27:

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Number31 said...

But wait, he wants to retire here. Maybe he can return as a skills coach, teaching prospects to stickhandle while putting on the glove that fell off or Tim Thomas' many holes, and let's not forget the sneaky Revenge Elbow (used when dickheads try to take your head off and don't get called for it by refs with their heads up their asses).