Friday, July 29, 2011

Third Annual Kovy Awards!

Yes folks, here it is, to alleviate your summer boredom, the Kovy Awards for the people who make the NHL a sadder, funnier, more ridiculous place.

Here are the awards, and their nominees. We will do one award per day, so stay tuned:

Today's award:

The Alexandre Daigle Memorial Trophy:
awarded to the league's most overrated player
(Not to be confused with the most overPAID player)
And the nominees are:

Henrik Sedin (Van)
The regular season doesn't mean much if you disappear during the playoffs, especially the finals.
Daniel Sedin
See above
Roberto Luongo
He brought it on himself. He couldn't keep his mouth shut, and he shit the bed away from home. Champion goalies don't play the way Luongo did, and it will be a long time before he gets out from under his performance this spring,

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