Monday, August 1, 2011

The third annual Kovys: Ranger Cup

Today's award:

The Rangers Memorial Cup
awarded to the league's most overrated team
And the nominees are:

San Jose Sharks

Another year, another non-finals exit. No one can quite grasp what this team's problem is, as they consistently seem to have all the pieces for a championship season. But when the playoffs arrive, it's become a sure bet the Sharks won't get to the Cup Finals.

Philadelphia Flyers

So much for last year's upset of the Bruins and Stanley Cup Finals appearance. Blame their appearance in the asinine commercial suggesting the Flyers could go 82-0. Or blame their idiotic management who just can't grasp the fact that goaltending is important. Blame alcohol. But the Flyers are shuffling the deck, and are hoping to come up with a winning solution. Who wants to bet it doesn't work out? I'll happily take that bet.

Washington Capitals

Last year, the Caps got eliminated in the first round. This year, they did a little better and actually one a series before going down. Part of the problem is that the Caps have some overrated players who almost made the cut for the Alexander Daigle trophy (Mike Green being chief among them).
Whatever the cause, Ovechkin and co. have to do better in the post-season, or else the overrated label will continue to stick to them collectively, and individually for quite some time.

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