Thursday, August 4, 2011

The third annual Kovys: Islanders Fishsticks Trophy

Today's award:

The Islanders Fishsticks Trophy
awarded to the team with ugliest jerseys

Note: source is

And the nominees are:

Colorado Avalanche

The 'lanche had a lot of color patterns to choose from when deciding on their third jersey. Unfortunately, they chose EXACTLY the wrong shade of blue. Remember those great maroon jerseys they used to have with the Rangers-style writing down the chest? These new ones look like the cheap knock-offs you can get for $19.99 from a shady seller on E-bay.

Dallas Stars

Here's an idea for you, Dallas:
This isn't college football. Try putting some damn color on your jerseys? You're playing games wearing your practice jerseys.

Edmonton Oilers

What, did you not have enough money for the stripe to go all the way around the sleeve?

Honorable Mention:
Tampa Bay Lightning and Ottawa Senators

It's not the jerseys. They're actually better-designed than the normal uniforms. But the nicknames on the front? Ridiculous. Should Montreal have a "HABS" jersey? Didn't think so. What makes Ottawa and Tampa think it looks respectable on their teams?

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