Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thank God you're stupid

Montreal did not extend qualifying offers to Tom Pyatt, Alex Picard, and Benoit Pouliot. Tom Pyatt, who had the most upside of all, could have been a Hab for a mere $500,000.

And yet the Habs decided that the useless pylon that is Roman Hamrlik was worthy of a contract offer. (And who cares what the offer was...he should be falling on his knees to give a wet sloppy one to anyone who even considers dressing him at this stage in his career).

Luckily for Montreal fans who don't enjoy seeing Junior-B ability in a red white and blue NHL jersey, he decided that he'd rather sit and wait for offers that will never come during Free Agency.

So, thanks Roman! You made a stupid decision from the Habs management actually bearable by rejecting the only contract offer you're going to get from an NHL team.

So...don't let the door hit your useless pylon ass on your way out. See you in the KHL!


Number31 said...

Stupid is *ding ding ding* the Washington Capitals, for giving Hamr the 2 year 7 million dollar contract and hoping to pair him up with Mike Green. That should be fun!

They even game Halpern a raise! So much for "home town discount" eh?

Habsfan1993 said...

I'm really surprised that anyone offered him a contract.
Goes to show how much I know.

But yeah, Mike Green and Hamr should be quite amusing to watch. Better than the Keystone Kops.

Vokoun's a good pickup for them though.

Number31 said...

I want BabyPyatt back!