Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some thoughts on last night's game

  • Tim Thomas is a freak of nature.
  • Roberto Luongo should decline his nomination and remove his name from consideration for the Vezina Trophy.
  • Daniel and Henrik Sedin are nothing but typical chicken-swedes. And that sucks for the reputation of European players who actually perform when it matters.
  • I said it: "The Bruins are going to score a breakaway goal before this period is over." And Patrice Bergeron proved me mostly right.
  • Speaking of that goal, why was Luongo so mad? Is the ref supposed to whistle a puck dead because the goalie almost touched it?
  • The Filthydelphia Flyers are largely to thank for Boston's success. Vancouver, especially the Sedins and Luongo, could learn a thing or two from this Bruins team who realized that no one gives you anything--you have to go out and take it by force.
  • Gary Bettman should just resign. Every real hockey fan hates him for what he's done to the NHL. And he deserved the overpowering boos he got. Credit the Vancouver fans who made it clear it was not Chara, not Thomas, not the Bruins they were booing, but Bettman. 
  • Vancouver residents (not the actual fans) are mindless morons. 
  • The Bruins deserved this Cup. They are tough, gritty, skilled, well-coached, and hard-working.
  • The Canucks did not deserve to be near the Cup. You cannot pretend that the games away from home don't count.
  • Did I say Bettman should resign? Well, he should. He must at least keep his mouth shut and just hand the trophies over without trying to shout over the fans he has worked so diligently to screw over. 
  • I am happy for my friends who happen to be Bruins fans. I'm not happy the Bruins won, but I'm happy for you. So with that, I will make the colors of this website Black and Gold until Free Agency begins, at which time it will revert to Montreal colors, as it will become clear that the Habs, after acquiring Brad Richards and buying out Scott Gomez, will be clear Cup favorites for 2012. 

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