Friday, June 17, 2011

And now, a message from Mother of Kovalev

Hoo boy, such excitement, who would have thought?  So sorry poolish activities are  done for year—so Mother of Kovalev makes everyone else look smart—like you wouldn’t believe—and what thanks I get?  Hmmf—no gratitude, where were you raised, in barn? In Vancouver street?  And who did raising?  For shame.  Stanley Cup gorgeous as always.  Stanley Cup guy seems nice—his mother must be proud—white gloves always clean, Cup always shiny.  But what with hair?  Is natural color, I don’t think so.  What is this, Donald Trumpishness?  And such a nice boy. Vancouver fans are pigs, such sorry losers.  If Mama Kovalev’s wishes come true, not a cow left in province.   Hawks Fan deserved win, go figure.  Tell him Mama Kovalev sends congratulations—but warning, should not sit back in glory, watch  out-- next year the Year of Mama Kovalev! 

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