Monday, February 7, 2011

Why bother?

For you people in charge of making the NHL schedule each year, I have this suggestion:

Don't schedule any games between the Montreal Canadiens and the New Jersey Devils.

Have the Canadiens play 78 games, and start the season with a 0-4-0 record. That way they don't have to waste the time, money, and material in playing four games that are automatic losses anyway. I hesitate to use the word "play," as the Canadiens don't really ever do anything that resembles playing hockey when they're up against the Devils. The only thing in question during Devils-Habs games is whether Montreal will have another player injured--and we can skip that, thank you very much.

On the reverse, New Jersey can start the season 4-0-0 and also play only 78 games. See? Everyone wins.

If The Habs management* doesn't like the idea of losing two home games worth of tickets and revenue, then imagine how we fans feel, and STOP FUCKING LOSING TO THE DEVILS!

* Devils management won't notice a loss in revenue on their side, since no one goes to Devils games anyway.

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