Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wha happen?

Ok, so let's see:

Habs lose to the Islanders. They lose to the Oilers. They lose the Heritage Classic, barely bothering to play at all in one of the most over-hyped games of the year.

And then...

They beat the best team in the Western Conference.


I posted an article a few weeks ago about tradition in Montreal. Here's another tradition: The Canadiens play down to the worst teams in the league, and play up to the level of the best ones. And that's not a compliment. It's baffling.

So the immediate result is the Habs stay at sixth in the East. What it means for the long term, I give up. This team defies all classification: a defensive-minded coach who can't coach defense, a speedy team built for offense spinning its wheels in that useless defensive system, a team plagued with injuries and yet still chugging along, a team whose veterans are providing ZERO leadership and whose rookies are leading the's a mystery. Predicting what this team will do in the next five games is hard enough, to say nothing of the playoffs (should they even get there, which is anyone's guess).

So I throw up my hands. This last week I've been threatening to become a fan of the as-of-yet uncertain Quebec Nordiques. But after last night, I'm cheering, "Go Habs Go, I Guess."

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