Thursday, February 10, 2011

That was...interesting

I had band practice last night, so I got to miss the game as it happened. Lucky for me that instead of hearing Jack Edwards foaming at the mouth trying to be a boxing announcer (which he sucks at), I was instead playing some good old bluegrass. (Yeah, I'm a hick. Get over it.)

I'm sure Jack Edwards scored the Price-Thomas affair as a solid win for Timmy, and that he firmly thinks David Krejci and Andrew Ference did NOT get their respective asses handed to them.

Sure, Hamr, Spacek, and Pyatt were outmatched, but that happens in games like this where everyone fights.

On the positive, Montreal is standing up for themselves against the likes of Chara, Thornton, and Lucic. I'll gladly take Boston's only win so far against Montreal this season (out of four so far) and a split decision on the fight card, than a Habs win and seeing them get pummeled in every fight, like in years past. 

On the negative, Montreal squandered an opportunity to tie Boston in the standings, and the defense was NOWHERE to be seen. Gomez was at his usual tricks, playing soft on any Bruin that came near him, and the rest of the forwards followed suit with a pathetic display of defensive responsibility.

The highlights, such as they were, were entertaining, and it was good to see some beat-downs come from Montreal players. We'll file this one away as a wild one, and get back to the business of playing the low-scoring, Jacques Martin "system" tonight against those lovable, laughable Islanders. (But seriously, Habs: you guys fuck this up tonight, I will find you, and as #31 says, I will cut you.)

Ah well. Enjoy this one Jack Edwards...Every game you call sounds exactly the same. Last night, the play on the ice actually mirrored the crazy shit you've been saying all these years. I'mma let you have this moment.

Moment's over. STFU.

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