Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear Tronna Media,

I don't care how many times you jerked off to the "Beantown Beat-down", as you guys at the CBC and TSN are calling it.

When it comes to comparing your beloved Maple Leafs to the Habs, here are the facts:

  • Our goalie is better. 
  • Our Defense is better (and that's REALLY saying something about how shitty yours is)
  • Our forwards are better.
  • PK Subban took Joffrey Lupul's lunch money, took his girlfriend, and told him his momma was ugly.
  • Our depth is better.
  • Our chances of making the playoffs...well, shit, they actually exist. Leafs? Try as much chance as Lloyd Christmas has of banging Mary Swanson.
So, whether Montreal is better than Boston is up for debate. Whether they are light years ahead of the perennially delusional Leafs, well, that's not up for debate.

Leafs suck. Their media had best get hip to that fact.

Oh and Patches laughs at your Luke Schenn. Laughs from his mountain.

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