Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meet the new Habs...Same as the old Habs

Is anyone else (and I include Montreal Canadiens players and staff in this) sick and fucking tired of getting shut out by the Devils, every damn time the Habs play them? At the very least, is anyone out there sick of penclilling in an "L" on the calendar on the days the Habs play the Devils? 'Cause I sure as hell am. But it doesn't seem this team has had its fill of losing to the New Jersey Devils.

Let us know when you feel like winning a game against the boringest, fan fail-est team in the NHL, boys.

Jesus. I deserve to get paid for the time I've wasted watching Montreal shit the bed against New Jersey.


Number31 said...

Looked like a practice skate. I hope Marty sent them a thank you note.

Habsfan1993 said...

I am seriously never going to watch another Devils game as long as I live. Every time I tell myself "This time it's different. This time they might actually win."

Perhaps it's not because they don;t try, but shit, they need to do SOMETHING. I was thinking, the only team with a winning record against Montreal is the Florida Panthers. If this keeps up, New Jersey will be added to the list.

Number31 said...

Only way to beat them is to find Brian Smolinski and sign him to one of those PTO contracts just for Devils games.