Sunday, November 14, 2010

About last night:

For all my readers, I apologize for not updating in a while. It seems I've been missing every single Habs game with work or other commitments lately.

So, here are a few observations from last night:
Don Cherry is still an idiot, and getting worse. Here's a hint, Don: Don't show highlights of a team (Canucks) that got shut out (by the Habs) as an example of how to activate your d-men to get offense. It only makes you look foolish and biased. Oh wait...
And while we're on the subject of offensive D-men, we all know why you won't talk about a certain rookie defenseman, due only to the colors of his jersey, and maybe the color of his skin too.

Carolina: Want to know why teams run up the score against you? Because you're a bunch of assholes. You never pull up or go easy when the game is out of reach, so teams feel obligated to slam you down until you won't get up any more. Case in point: pasty-faced captains who injure our best defenseman on a questionable play in the corner.

Dear Jack Edwards: the takedown counts for shit in a hockey fight. If anything, it signals that you are too tired or outmatched to continue. So Mark Recchi=fight loss.

Looks like I was way too optimistic in my projection about the Leafs' success this season. I thought the slide would come after the All-Star break.

Speaking of All-Stars. can someone explain why the Leafs have four on the ballot why the Habs only get three?

Back to the Habs: Holy shit what a save. That may be a highlight that will stick to him like the one Mike Richter made in the '94 finals.

Hamr actually played some good defense. On one play in particular he didn't go for the Frankie Bouillon crunch, but instead calmly played the body and separated the man from the puck. Good that he's actually playing to his strengths, and not trying to be someone he's not.

I am in love with the PHD line.

I didn't know Lars Eller was even playing until the third period. I'm worried.

In all, I'm very happy about last night and the last few games. Keep it up, especially that gorgeous breakout. But boys, please start learning to play with the lead better.

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Number31 said...

My brother told me the teams actually release the list of players they're willing to send to the ASG, apparently. Which is weird 'cause looking at the Blues what the hell is Oshie going to do there? Hit people?! (Well, he won't do anything anyway since he stupidly broke his ankle being stupid). So the list means the Habs are willing to send Markov, Cammy, and Gio instead of their MVP man Pleky and their number 1 goalie which is smart. Still laughing at the Leafs list. Burke was probably upset he could only send 4. It's OK though, Habs have a Western swing after the ASG... Fans should vote BizNasty in anyway.

Don't worry about Lars. Right now he's learning the two-way game at this speed and is doing a fine job of it so far. Baby steps for EuroStaal (the less douchey one). Habs want players to be more than one-dimensional. I mean they even got AK46 and Cammy to be defensively responsible! It's work by committee.