Thursday, October 7, 2010

Live tweet for tonight's game

WTF was the shit-ass music before the game, CBC?

Bob Cole should be wearing a Leafs sweater, given that he actively cheers for them on the air. 

Hearing Mike Komisarek booed IN TORONTO is effing beautiful. Fucker.

No problem mistaking Scott Gomez for Saku Koivu, given the lack of skill, and the big head the former possesses. 

I still believe in you Carey...

Oh Hal Gill...

This Lars Eller kid is the real deal. 

Montreal finally scores! Nice job by Lappy and Boyd.

Now we're settling into a real hockey game.

No call on the surprise.

Annnnnnd a Montreal penalty. Typical NHL/Tronna officiating. Here's my obligatory invitation for Gary Bettman to eat shit and die. Now back to our originally scheduled programming...

When, o when, is Carey Price going to play his way, not the bullshit "Go down early and often" butterfly style that DOES NOT WORK FOR HIM?

Don't bother mentioning the enormous rebound Giguere left, Jim Hughson

And with that, we eagerly await our first installment of Racist Ramblings!

You WOULD like Colby Armstrong, wouldn't you, Don?

End period

Observation on the Leafs: good top two lines, ECHL-level bottom two. This is going to be a horrible team after the All-Star break.

A Leafs penalty? Shocking!

Plekanec is making worse decisions with the puck than even Scott Gomez. Montreal, say hello to the new Jan Bulis.

I thought slew-footing was illegal? Oh right, not if you're wearing blue and white.

Good power plays.

Annnnd a bad puck decision from Gomez negates an excellent play from Subban. Scott, you can join Gary Bettman at the dinner table.

Turnovers from Komisarek are a beautiful thing.

Watching pre-season, I was not impressed with Mathieu Darche. Nothing has changed with that delay-of-game penalty.

End period

Whoa. What a bad song.

Enough crappy defense on both sides to supply the Maginot line.

Diving Leaf = Montreal penalty. Not even surprised enough to be mad. 2-man advantage.

Turning into a good finish.

Colby, you dive like that again, I'll come down there and kick your ass myself. And your daddy Don Cherry.

How many times does Montreal need to touch the puck before the referees decide the play is dead?

Did Price actually make that save, or did it hit the post?

Good way to finish: Scott Gomez does his best to fuck things up, but the puck is on PK's stick for the final play. This is the way the season will go.

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