Monday, April 16, 2012

Scores and Standings, 4/16 Edition

Enough. Enough of that punk Sidney Crosby. Don Cherry was right: Crosby keeps looking for trouble. And he's not going to last long, the way he's playing.

He can claim he's a new man all he wants, and commentators can chalk it up to youthful inexperience, but the proof is there on the ice when Crosby hacks away at goalies' glove hands, when he knocks away opponents equipment, when he throws cheap shots, when he won't just STFU during or after the game. Aside: "I don't like him" is NOT a valid excuse for the crap he pulled. That's the excuse of a five-year-old.

The rest of the Penguins followed right in line. Aaron Asham's cross-check to the throat, James Neal's head-hunting, all were a direct result of Crosby's "leadership."

This one's for Dad: want to know why I've disliked Sidney Crosby all these years? 
There you go.
So the sooner Crosby and the Penguins go away, the better. So if I have to choose, I say "Go Flyers." That speaks volumes, given the contempt in which I hold Philadelphia.

1) Father of Kovalev: 22 (18)
F. Giroux, Phi: G,A,W=4
F. Bergeron, Bos:
F. Backes, StL:
D. Edler, Van: 0
D. McDonagh, NY: 
G. Fleury, Pit: 0

Last Night's Total: 4

2) Hawks Fan: 18 (15)

F. Ovechkin, Was: 
F. Kopitar, LA: A,W=2
F. Kane, Chi:
D. Letang, Pit: 0
D. Keith, Chi: 
G. Rinne, Nas: W=1
Last Night's Total: 3

T3) Derek: 17 (10)
F. Crosby, Pit: A=1
F. Krejci, Bos:
F. Neal, Pit: 2G,A=5
D. Suter, Nas: W=1
D. Bieksa, Van: 0
G. Schneider, Van: 0

Last Night's Total: 7

T3) P-Stone: 17 (10)
F. Malkin, Pit: 2A=2
F. Kovalchuk, NJ: G=2
F. Marchand, Bos:
D. Weber, Nas: G,W=3
D. Hamhuis, Van: 0
G. Thomas, Bos:
Last Night's Total: 7

5) Me: 16 (16)
F. Richards, NY:
F. Dupuis, Pit: 0
F. Callahan, NY:
D. Del Zotto, NY:
D. Martin, Pit: 0
G. Howard, Det: 0

Last Night's Total: 0

6) Mother of Kovalev: 14 (10)
F. Gaborik, NY:
F. D. Sedin,Van: 0
F. Staal, Pit: 2G=4
D. Lidstrom, Det: 0
D. Seidenberg, Bos:
G. Halak, StL:
Last Night's Total: 4

7) Bride of Kovalev: 10 (7)
F. H. Sedin, Van: 0
F. Erat, Nas: A,W=2
F. Seguin, Bos:
D. Chara, Bos:
D. Kronwall, Det: A=1
G. Lundquist, NY:

Last Night's Total: 3

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Derek said...

Has anyone ever had all of their players eliminated in the first round? This could be a first, I'm coming real close but I still think Boston will pull it out.