Friday, April 6, 2012

The Pool! The Pool! Everyone in the Pool!

Here it is, your draft order!

1) P-Stone
2) Father of Kovalev
3) Derek
4) Bride of Kovalev
5) Me!
6) Hawks Fan
7) Mother of Kovalev


The draft goes down, then up, then back down again, etc etc.

You pick: 3 forwards, 2 defensemen, 1 goalie, in any order you choose.

Multi-positional players are ok, but you have to pick which role (Forward OR Defense) they will fill on your team.

Goalies: you pick a TEAM'S goaltending. For instance, if you like Carey Price and want to take him in the draft, you get him AND Peter Budaj, and whatever Quebecois goalies the Habs have in the minor leagues at the moment.

2 points per goal, 1 point per assist, 1 point per win, 2 EXTRA points per shutout for goalies.

If your guy is injured, he still earns points for wins. If he is SUSPENDED, he does NOT.

Final tie breaker is at my discretion, though a good rule of thumb is: total number of players from Cup Winning Team on YOUR team, followed by total goals for, etc etc.

Anything else? No? Good. Talk to you Sunday!

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