Monday, May 30, 2011

Scores and Standings 5/30, "Bruins-Canucks" Edition

Sorry about the delay. I was camping all weekend and didn't find out the Bruins beat the Lightning until today.

Now that the idiot Tampa Bay fans can go back to ignoring their team during the regular season, it's time for the Canucks to win this pool for me.

1. Hawks Fan: 127 (126+1)
St. Louis (F-TB) 0
Lucic (F-Bos) W=1
Marleau (F-SJ)
Rafalski (D-Det)
Keith (D-Chi)
Miller (G-Buf)

2. Father of Kovalev: 113 (112+1)
H. Sedin (F-Van)
Kaberle (D-Bos) W=1
Thornton (F-SJ)
Zetterberg (F-Det) 
Letang (D-Pit)
Bobrovsky (G-Phi)

3. Bride of Kovalev: 109 (106+3)
Thomas (G-Bos) W,SO=3
Pavelski (F-SJ)
Ovechkin (F-Was)
Datsyuk (F-Det) 
Visnovsky (D-Ana)
Lidstrom (D-Det) 

4. Cousin Kovalev: 107 (107+0)
Kesler (F-Van)
Ehrhoff (D-Van)
Briere (F-Phi) 
Hartnell (F-Phi) 
Subban (D-Mon)
Rinne (G-Nas)

5. P-Stone: 98 (97+1)
Stamkos (F-TB) 0
Chara (D-Bos) W=1
Luongo (G-Van)
Kronwall (D-Det) 
Perry (F-Ana) 
Carter (F-Phi)

6. Derek: 94 (94+0)
D. Sedin (F-Van)
Franzen (F-Det)
Backstrom (F-Was)
Boyle (D-SJ)
Wideman (D-Was)
Howard (G-Det)

7. Mother of Kovalev: 68 (67+1)
Seidenberg (D-Bos) W=1
Brian Boyle (F-NYR)
Laich (F-Was)
Giroux (F-Phi) 
Meszaros (D-Phi) 
Fleury (G-Pit)

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