Monday, May 2, 2011

Scores and Standings 5/2, "We'll give you a nine year head start, bitch" edition

Too bad we can't see that shithead's body being dragged through the streets of New York, DC, and Shanksville. I would also have loved to see his head put on a pike outside the Capitol.
Ah well. Go us.

Sorry I didn't get any scores up this weekend. I was at a Civil War reenactment and had no access to technology ahead of steam engines or musket rifling.
Today's standings reflect the scores from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

1. Hawks Fan: 69 (61+8)
Marleau (F-SJ) (FRI)W=1 (SUN)W=1
St. Louis (F-TB) (FRI)W=1 (SUN)G,A,W=4
Lucic (F-Bos) (SAT)W=1
Rafalski (D-Det) (FRI)0 (SUN)0
Keith (D-Chi)
Miller (G-Buf)

2. Cousin Kovalev: 63 (59+4)
Briere (F-Phi) (SAT)G=2
Kesler (F-Van) (SAT)A=1
Hartnell (F-Phi) (SAT)0
Ehrhoff (D-Van) (SAT)0
Rinne (G-Nas) (SAT)W=1
Subban (D-Mon)

3. Bride of Kovalev: 62 (51+11)
Ovechkin (F-Was) (FRI)0 (SUN)G=2
Datsyuk (F-Det) (FRI)A=1 (SUN)A=1
Pavelski (F-SJ) (FRI)G,W=3 (SUN)W=1
Lidstrom (D-Det) (FRI)G=2 (SUN)0
Thomas (G-Bos) (SAT)W=1
Visnovsky (D-Ana)

4. P-Stone: 55 (50+5)
Stamkos (F-TB) (FRI)G,W=3 (SUN)W=1
Carter (F-Phi) (SAT)0
Chara (D-Bos) (SAT)W=1
Kronwall (D-Det) (FRI)0 (SUN)0
Luongo (G-Van) (SAT)0
Perry (F-Ana) 

T5. Mother of Kovalev: 54 (46+8)
Giroux (F-Phi) (SAT)2A=2
Laich (F-Was) (FRI)0 (SUN)G,A=3
Seidenberg (D-Bos) (SAT)2A,W=3
Meszaros (D-Phi) (SAT)0
Fleury (G-Pit)
Brian Boyle (F-NYR)

6. Derek: 51 (46+5)
D. Sedin (F-Van) (SAT)0
Franzen (F-Det) (FRI)0 (SUN)0
Backstrom (F-Was) (FRI)0 (SUN)A=1
Boyle (D-SJ) (FRI)2A,W=3 (SUN)W=1
Wideman (D-Was) (FRI)0 (SUN)0
Howard (G-Det) (FRI)0 (SUN)0

7. Father of Kovalev: 47 (41+6)
H. Sedin (F-Van) (SAT)0
Zetterberg (F-Det) (FRI)0 (SUN)G=2
Thornton (F-SJ) (FRI)A,W=2 (SUN)W=1
Kaberle (D-Bos) (SAT)W=1
Bobrovsky (G-Phi) (SAT)0
Letang (D-Pit)

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