Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter Classic

So here are some thoughts from the NHL's annual (and only) celebration of its roots.

Dear NBC: You suck. Seriously, just show us the game as it's happening, without those stupid aerial views in which we can see NOTHING. And those views from above center ice, like we're playing NHL 94 or something? Useless, and disorienting. Just stop trying to be all cutesy with your camera views, and show us the view from the red line seats. And come to think of it, this applies to all you idiot broadcasters who think that some view from behind the net or other wacky view is somehow more desirable than just zooming in when the puck's in an offensive zone, and zooming out when it's in the neutral zone. There's nothing to it. Keep it simple, and I promise, no one gets hurt.

Sidney Crosby. Without question, the best hockey player in the world, at this point in time. But still also one of the bitchiest, cheapest assholes in the league as well. Gotta love when Pierre McGuire describes the Washington bench as being "apoplectic" when Crosby cheap-shotted an opponent. No worries, though. He got some of his own at the end of the second period. Someone remind me to buy David Steckel a beer. And Sidney, there will be no payback on a later date as you claim. That WAS the payback.

This was a good example of how NOT to play defense in the NHL. Washington came out on top for having a slightly less-crappy defense than Pittsburgh.

So what do you make of that non-goal of Ovechkin? I can agree that he had no intent to interfere with, and did a good job of holding up, Marc-Andre Fleury. But then again, I don't think Fleury was able to get into position in time for Ovy's shot. But then again, do we really have to coddle the goalies like that?

Pat LaFontaine's backyard is AWESOME. Want.

Am I the only one who was reminded of the end of "Youngblood" by the end of that game? It could be because I had recently watched it, but I could almost hear someone saying "Let's go, pretty boy" at that last faceoff.

I'd love to see an Edmonton-Calgary matchup some time for this game, but that's not likely to happen until two things happen: 1) Gary Bettman dies or resigns, 2)they both get competitive.

In all, a good game, but I've had it with the superlatives coming from the announcer gushing about how pure the game is outside, blah blah blah, and those wacky camera angles that alienate both normal viewers and newcomers.

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