Friday, January 28, 2011

Fail Star

As we approach some sort of arbitrary break in the NHL season, I feel obligated to say this:

Congratulations to the NHL. You have finally succeeded in making me not care about the All Star game. Sure, you had some wacky ideas in the past, and while most of my hockey-watching friends shrugged off your bacchanalia of superlatives, weird uniforms, and bad hockey, I stood by you. You gave me a reason to watch: we got to vote on who was participating, and the process was straightforward. Also, no matter who you cheered for, you got to see at least someone from your team play, giving you someone to root for in an otherwise meaningless game.

This year, it was too much. Captains are choosing the teams, so what does my vote matter? And just what are the criteria for deciding who plays in the game or in the skills competition? I just don't get it.
You've complicated something that doesn't need complicating, and this has been the last straw. I won't be watching the skills competition, and I won't be watching the game.

Perhaps I could have seen this coming with your ill-advised decision to institute a questionably-manned judges panel last year.

In any case, have fun with your extravaganza. Here are some predictions:

  • The musical guest will suck.
  • The play will be terrible, and goalies will get lit up even worse than a Habs goalie on a Western Conference road swing.
  • The announcers will try to make a big deal out of some minor on-ice disagreements two players have had in the past.
  • The skills competition will be a letdown.
  • People will talk about what great fans the host city has. (Note: The Hurricanes, despite being a recent Cup winner and still having an exciting team, cannot sell out their games.)
  • There will be no fights.

Yawn. When do the Habs play again?

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Number31 said...

It wasn't that bad...