Monday, December 20, 2010

Good Picard: 1, Evil Picard: 2

So the Good Picard put one in the Avalanche net, but Evil Picard showed up from the Alternate Universe and totally fucked the Habs over. I'm surprised he didn't have a goatee.

Question for Jacques: Just why is Alexandre Picard playing with PK Subban? You have two rookie defensemen, one with a penchant for pushing up ice, the other with a knack for just being out of position. Why not split them up and have them play with complementary players, rather than enhancing each other's mistakes?

In all, the game was a good one, but why, oh why, isn't Shea Weber playing instead of Picard? Why isn't Subban paired with Hamr or Gorges?

Of course, Martin will probably blame Subban for Picard's bone-headed positioning mistakes. To that I say, coach, when you point the finger, you have several pointing right back at you.

1 comment:

Number31 said...

Now THAT'S the Picard I know from the Ottawa Senators.

I'm just going to call him the new Breezer. Hey, he was wearing 43 in pre-season...