Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bruins-Habs recap

Well, another Bruins game has come and gone, and it's time to break it down.

First of all, let's address Mr. Mark Recchi:

Dear Mark: STFU. It's bad form to yap, complain, and run your mouth at 90 mph, and then flap your hands in a mock gesture of 'yapping' at the other team's bench. Um, Mark, meet the kettle. You're the retarded pot.

What has the NHL come to? Since when is a solid, devastating, and perfectly legal hit a cause for calling the other team a bunch of dirty players? Just what IS wrong with Mark Recchi? And just what is Boston Herald hockey writer Stephen Harris smoking? "The Canadiens are a despicable and dirty little hockey team that loves to dish out nasty cheap shots, often from behind, often after the whistle -and shows not the slightest willingness to back up the stickwork by dropping the gloves."

He must have missed Michael Cammalleri's split-decision with David Krejci.
He also must have missed Milan Lucic's strange absence from all the complaining. Let's agree on one thing: If things are getting dirty or out of hand, Lucic is one of the first on the scene to make the other team accountable. Lucic played well, but wasn't losing his head like his suddenly-insane teammates.

In hockey, if you get hit clean and hard, you get up, keep your mouth shut, and try to do better next time. That's what Brad Marchand did. Krejci, Recchi, and Harris need to take note.

Cammalleri's fight with Krejci was an example of how hockey fights can still be exciting and spontaneous. I'll take one of those honest, non-scheduled fights over Domi-Probert any day. (Well, then again, those were some AMAZING fights.) That was a fight that Bruins AND Habs fans could agree was a good one.

Interesting seeing two Vezina front-runners both giving up some weak goals, and also making some amazing saves.

Did anything else happen? I must have missed it.

Good game, but please Bruins, keep your mouths shut. The Flyers give you plenty to complain about already. Stick to complaining about teams that really are dirty.

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Number31 said...

Harris must have also missed Lucic running Spacek on a linechange in a crowd by the bench from out of nowhere.

Recchi was just upset he forgot his Depends in his other pants.

Perfect reply to Subban's hit was the one on Pouliot that...he got right back up from and played a whole shift without a helmet and no one thought twice about. I'm guessing Marchand will be more aware next time he thinks he's Mario Lemieux.