Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toronto Maple Leafs: "Jeez, our bad"

The Maple Leafs finally unveiled their jerseys recently, after finally realizing they had been playing in their practice jerseys for three seasons.

Tom Anselmi, executive vice-president and chief operating officer for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, offered this mea culpa:
"Since we switched to the Reebok Edge jerseys, we have been using the same jerseys for both practices and for games. We only just recently noticed the error, and finally tracked down the box of game jerseys we misplaced back in 2007."

That box of jerseys had apparently been sitting in a janitor's closet in the Air Canada Center for three years.

President and General Manager Brian Burke had this to say, speaking from the MasterCard Centre for Hockey Excellence (the Leafs' ironically named practice facility): "Fucking son of a bitch bastard, what the fuck? What dumb-fuck turd brain forgot to get the real game jerseys? Fuck."

The Leafs chose to unveil the newly-found jerseys as they simultaneously announced that Dion Phaneuf will be the new team captain. Burke offered this comment about the trade that brought Phaneuf from Calgary: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

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