Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hab fans to Carey Price: "Fuck this up and we kill you."

Montreal Canadiens management has sent a big fat present to Carey Price in the form trading Jaroslav Halak to St Louis. In a move reminiscent of the Rangers trade of John Vanbiesbrouck, the Habs management has made it clear they are sticking to what many think is a lesser goalie.

The time for the trade was right, as Halak's value has never been, nor might never be, higher. What remains to be seen is whether it was a good decision, and that will only become apparent
1, when we know who the hell the Habs got in exchange (it had better be fucking awesome) and
2, when we see how Price plays in the 2010-2011 season.
If Montreal got some bullshit like Paul Kariya or a draft pick, the conversation is over and the Habs are stupid. If they got a good deal, then we wait and see. EDIT: some guys named Lars Eller and Ian Schultz are in the deal, whoever they are. WTF. Could be we don't even need to look at question #2 to find out whether or not this trade sucks.

Habs fans should not be surprised by such a move, since, as I have pointed out, it was the right time to move Halak. We all knew IF the management wanted to move him, now was the time. And now we know that the management indeed wanted to trade Halak.

Honestly, any of the three options had their pros and cons.
They could have traded Price.
They could have kept both.
They could have traded Halak (and did).

This was by far the most intriguing option.

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