Friday, February 19, 2010


So I was wrong about Slovakia beating the Czechs. But by God I wasn't wrong about Slovakia surprising some folks. Unfortunately for the Russians, they were the victims. Jaroslav Halak has gotten used to being hung out to dry by a crappy Habs team, so facing off against two awesome Russian lines and two not so great lines was a piece of cake.

And in other Olympic news, Canada is nowhere near as good as they would like to think, and the Swiss are a very good team that folks still seem to underestimate.


Number31 said...

Of all the games I've seen, the Czechs have been great, action packed, exciting hockey. Latvians were fun too.

Jaro was lucky the Russians seem allergic to picking up his rebounds near the net. I think not asking Kovy to join them will hurt them in that location, and on the powerplay as Ovie's too much of a hotshot. (Nevermind the fact Ovie sucks at shootouts...why Datsyuk didn't go 3 times I'll never know). That and his D was sharp. I think that was probably Chara's best game all year.

I really don't like Team Canada. WTF is Pronger and Niedermayer doing there? Getzlaf is probably regretting saying he's not injured. (Testing it against the Oilers? Really?) The Sharks line doesn't fill me with any confidence considering their record of choking. And their powerplay was pretty crap...

People gotta realize Olympic hockey isn't a playoff series. The Czechs know how to bring it. Much like seeing Weber skate side-by-side with Streit, I smile whenever I see Pleky get a hug by Jagr. The Swiss are no laughing matter, half of them play for Davos! Also SUOMI! Finland is solid. Their powerplay alone could give them a medal.

Capt. Sparrow said...

All I can say is watch out for teh Sweeds. They look pretty solid right now.