Thursday, February 4, 2010

Habs-Bruins preview

It's been a while no? Well, time to drop the gloves and get nasty with the fine folks here at KK/BB squaring off and firing verbal and written broadsides at each other.

Problem with writing reviews and previews is that sometimes you make the mistake of seeing someone else's thoughts, and damned if they aren't better than anything you can think of. Now I'm stumped on what else to add.

Well, here goes nothing:

Habs suck. Bruins suck.

How's that?

Ok, so it may be a bit more nuanced than that. Montreal sits at 7th place, while Boston is in 12th, in the Eastern Conference. However, only three points separate them. Simply put, the line between playoff and non-playoff teams is extremely thin.
Added to the drama is Boston's prominence in the rumours surrounding Ilya Kovalchuk. Ooooohhhh!
The Bruins are riding some sort of losing streak (I'm not sure exactly, because I don't care), and Montreal just lost their best (only) offensive threat in Michael Cammalleri. So times are not fun for either team.

Key players for Montreal:
Halak, Plekanec, S. Kostitsyn

Key players for Boston:
Thomas, Krejci, Savard

Habs to watch for major fuckups:
Gomez, Bergeron, Gomez, any one of the call-ups I've lost track of, Gomez

Bruins that make everyone tense:
Ryder (haha), ?

Whatever the outcome, Montreal has an afternoon game on both Saturday and Sunday. The Sunday matchup will be against the Bruins again, so Bruins fans can count on a win that day. (Montreal never. Ever. Wins. Afternoon games. Ever.)

See y'all at 7 tonight, and Go Habs.


Capt. Sparrow said...

This is a lost season for both teams. At least Habs fans saw it coming at the beginning of the season. As a B's fan, this is the biggest disappointing season that I can remember. Besides even if one of these teams make the playoffs, Washington is so far above these teams that it would be over in 4. As for Kovalchuk, I WILL jump off the wagon if the Bruins make a trade for him. Why would you? He is bolting for the KHL next season and Atlanta's asking price is LOL-able. Do whatever it takes to bring in Taylor Hall next season with that TOR pick, and hopefully your bad enough where you can trade your 1st round pick and a bunch of the 2nd round picks you own (bc those guys won't contribute to your team anyway with the depth of young talent you currently possess) and move up to somehow get Cam Fowler as well. Just wishful thinking on my part but hey, the NY Jets pull it off all the time in the NFL draft!

Geoff - You will find me cheering for the Habs tonight and Sunday for my own selfish reasons that I listed above lol.

Number31 said...

No matter how much you think the Habs suck there's usually a team that sucks more (Bruins, Rangers, Leafs, Whalercanes, etc etc etc).

Also look what happens when Bergeron gets injured! We get an actual fourth line!

(And Habs have won afternoon games... remember last year's Super Bowl Weekend with Higgy doing his best football impression in the Kings game? Beat the Sens one afternoon too. Kovy's "return from rest" game).

If Darche Vader and the rest of the Bulldogs crew stay, and Jacques realizes that hockey is more fun when offensive, then I think it'll be ok.

In the draft, I'm hoping for Nino Niederreiter though! We're good with those Swiss kids eh?