Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nancy Kerrigan: "Anyone have any Advil?"

Ever put the left shoe on the right foot? Imagine that sensation, but in your knee.
On New Year's eve I had my knee hyper-extended. To be more accurate, pressure was applied at the knee in such a way as to cause is to bend backward, "beyond its normal fully straightened position."

Let me tell you, it sucked. As it happens, it was caused by my 75-lb dog coming around a corner at a full run and straight into me.

It doesn't quite feel the way you would expect: there was no cracking or snapping, but a weird, instantaneous sensation of "this sure as hell ain't right."

I won't get into the finer points of knee-on-knee hits, or hits aimed at the knee in the NHL. I simply wanted to provide some insight into what the guys on the ice might be feeling when you see them writhing on the ice screaming bloody murder like I was.

I live out in the country where death and injury are much closer than we like to think, where a chainsaw will maim you the moment you fail to respect it. A neighbor of mine recently died from an accident involving a tractor. So taken as a whole, this isn't so bad. It sure does make walking through all that snow and ice a real pain, though.

Feel free to share your own real-world injury stories in the comments.

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