Monday, September 21, 2009

Phil Kessel: an exercise in stupidity

Let's take a look at the Phil Kessel trade:
Toronto gets: Phil Kessel
Boston gets: 1st and 2nd round picks in 2010, 1st round pick in 2011

Let's look deeper. A team desperately trying to rebuild sacrifices three early-round picks for the next two years. In exchange, they get a young player who, while good, will not aid either in rebuilding or in mentoring the developing players. Toronto's GM, Brian Burke said, "Bringing Phil Kessel aboard, it's a statement to our players that we intend to be competitive right away".
That's very nice Brian. I intended to be the starting RW for Les Canadiens. Somehow my intentions and reality did not mesh.

On the other hand, a team with a bonafide star, and not at all in the midst of rebuilding, mortgaged that player for picks that have no guarantee of paying off to the degree Kessel did. And even if those picks do become stars, they won't come into their own for several more years. So the Bruins, after last year's success, and presumably hoping to build upon it, are instead acting like a rebuilding team.

OK, so maybe Kessel was not long for Boston. That's fine. Just look at the Senators--you can't blame them for trading away a cancerous teammate. (Ouch--I meant that figuratively.) But for the Bruins to trade away a star while they are fast becoming a contender, and get nothing back for the immediate future, is ridiculously stupid. Meanwhile, the Leafs just don't get it either.

Of course, the benefit for this Montreal hockey fan is that I get to laugh at both the Leafs and Bruins. Just goes to show that Montreal doesn't have a monopoly on bad management.

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Capt. Sparrow said...

You have no idea how much I HATE this trade. What you said is exactly what I have been saying to everyone who is talking about how much they love this trade. Boston's window of opportunity is NOW not 5 yrs from now. What really pisses me off is that if your intentions all along were to trade Kessel then you could of got somebody at the deadline last yr like Chris Pronger which would have solidify your defense. Everyone is talking about now that they have those picks to deal at the deadline this yr now but theyre all forgetting an important thing. THE BRUINS ARE ALREADY AT THE CAP AND TRADING DRAFT PICKS FOR PLAYERS WILL ONLY INCREASE YOUR CAP HIT NOT DECREASE IT!!!

This is why the Bruins will never win. Poor management and I guarentee you that it trickles down on the players. I wonder how Mark Savard feels right now that he just lost his 36 goal scoring winger.