Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Open question to Bruins fans

Is Boston's goaltending good enough to make a Cup run this year? TSN has the Bruins ranked second overall heading into the season.

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Capt. Sparrow said...

Tim Thomas has proven he can get it done in the regular season and I also think the Rask is an upgrade over Fernandez. But I think Timmy has shown us that he is not a big game goaltender, someone that you can rely on in the playoffs. I personally think that this team is way overrated. The defense is still questionable after Chara, I don't think Derrek Morris will be the player he is being hyped up to be (see Paul Mara experiment). And they traded away their best offensive weapon in Phil Kessel who could be a legit 40-50 goal scorer for years to come. So your relying on Marco Strum to replace Kessel's production, who is coming off of major knee surgery, and David Krejci, who also is coming off major surgery. This team will win the division, but not by 23 pts, and they will not score 240+ goals again. A playoff spot for sure, but I cant see them getting by the 2nd round. How does the saying go? Same trick, different pony?