Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is it hockey season yet?

Jeez, August kills me. Everyone goes on vacation, the days are hot, and it seems nothing happens. Still no news, even on our dearly departed free agents. Bouillon, Lang, Tanguay, Brisebois(HA!), Dandenault, Schneider; all unsigned, thus preventing me from even posting about folks who don't even play for Montreal anymore! You may recall my post where I presented my three players jerseys/shirts. Well, I'm still waiting for the third, Francis Bouillon to be signed somewhere..anywhere! so I can end the suspense.

Well, I'll leave you with this quote from Anne Applebaum from the Washington Post:

"It's a fact: Nothing happens in August. A curtain of heat descends across the Northern Hemisphere. Shops close. Congress goes home. Washington fills up with interns, Paris swarms with tourists. Even the Russians are out in the woods, picking mushrooms.
Yes, nothing happens in August -- except, as we all know, when something really terrible happens in August. World War I began in August, Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait began in August, al-Qaeda was preparing to bring down the World Trade Center in August. August, in other words, is the time when all of us should prepare our backup plans, chart our reversals of course, think through possible paradigm changes".

Hmm. Paradigm change certainly describes the state of the Montreal Canadiens.

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