Sunday, November 27, 2011

Brendan Shanahan

I dare you to even consider suspending Max Pacioretty.

Max Pac didn't have the opportunity to come back and score in the game he was nearly killed. Kris Letang did. There was no suspension when Max Pac was nearly killed.

There better as hell not be one this time, either.

This is a promise, Brendan. There will be more trouble for you than an angry mob of Avalanche fans in a dark alley if you misstep here.

Mark carefully my words.


You've been warned, Brendan.
It will be worse than 1955 for Clarence Campbell.
I suggest you not show your face in Montreal any time soon.


Number31 said...

Regardless, not entirely sure what grounds he would have to suspend him whether warranted or not. Considering, by Shanaban's own explanations on previous hits suspended or not suspended, head wasn't principle point of contact, nor targeted, and Letang (who by his own admission) put his head down as he leaned into his shot at the very last second while Pacioretty was already committed to throwing a shoulder check. No penalty on the play because it wasn't a headshot, wasn't an elbow, and wasn't even interference.

I mean geez... Ryan Malone actually brought up his elbow when he went in on Campoli and used the ol' "I was just bracing myself innocently" act despite acting like a headhunting dickhead the whole meaningless preseason game in QC. Though we're talking about the same League that refuses to even fine the Bruins for whatever reckless garbage they get away with.

I'd Shanaban the asshole ref who didn't blow the play dead despite Price holding the puck frozen for 8 seconds...

Number31 said...

Voila. Inconsistent, yet again.

jack said...

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