Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Spade's A Spade

Let's call this one like it is:

Montreal sucks.
As a Habs fan on an ostensibly Bruins/Canadiens blog, I admit it.
I am going to beat my Boston friends to the punch and do the honors myself.

The Habs are losers.
With so much emotion after the last Boston-Montreal game, people knew the Habs would be in tough tonight. Too bad the Habs didn't show up.

At all.

When the Habs went on a two-man advantage, and I saw how badly they were playing even then, I said,
"I hope the bruins score."

And they did.

So, with the Habs down 7-0, I say, Jacques Martin has finally GOT to go.
And it is also LONG past time for everyone, including Pierre Gauthier, to admit that Scott Gomez has to be benched.

It's time we look at what kind of value we really got when Bob Gainey blew up the team and got Gomez's salary.

I'm not going to harp on Koivu.
I am going to harp on the fact that right now, Montreal is the worst team in the entire NHL.

And people need to start asking why.

My answer is simple: the coach can't coach, the veterans can't play, and the team has absolutely no leadership.
Pierre Gauthier, I address you personally:
Get rid of Gomez and Martin this summer. Or you may find one less Habs fan who is sick and effing tired of watching his team do absolutely NOTHING on a night when it really, really counted.