Monday, August 9, 2010

The Gary Bettman trophy

Awarded for the league's worst management

And the winner is:

The NHL/Phoenix Coyotes

Gary Bettman is the worst league commissioner that ever lived. And that includes Alan Eagleson.
He has made the NHL a laughing stock, and has now made one of its teams into a punchline.
The Phoenix Coyotes have no business-literally-in Arizona. They don't sell tickets, and they drain the rest of the league's revenues.

There are buyers out there. But Gary Bettman has no intention of selling the Coyotes to anyone who will move the team out of Phoenix. No, he insists on making much less money from a sale that keeps the team where it is.

And so far, that sale has not yet materialized. So now Gary is stuck as the owner of a team whose interests are contrary to those of the league's.

Nice going, Barry.
You suck at life.

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Number31 said...

Ya know, it would have been nice of him to show this kind of determination to keep the team afloat...when it was in WINNIPEG. Those 30k people at a rally went for nothing, but those 500 in the desert were heard loud and clear.